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The Full Story

Recognizing the Need

Upside Dawn was created to modernize the classical family portrait in the most luxurious way possible - through the power of exceptional filmmakers.

Transcending the Picture Frame

You take over the big screen, or gift this one-of-a-kind experience to someone you care about - our services offer endless possibilities.

Gathering Exceptional Talent

Working alongside our award-winning feature filmmakers will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience..

Embracing Our Global Reach

We celebrate the differences in the world, and have crafted a diverse team from varying cultures and locales to ensure the right fit for every client. We have the experience to make exceptional films anywhere your inspiration takes us.

Building Trust through Respect

Respecting our clients privacy, confidentiality, and time is our first priority. You can work with us confidently knowing that we never disclose your information, starting from our first moment of contact.

Putting Your Life in Action

Upside Dawn exists for one reason - to provide the best personalized cinematic experience in the world. We are uniquely built for this purpose, with an unrivaled network of awarded Directors ready to make an inspired film for you. No one else has a global team of top talent in place focused on your filmmaking experience.

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