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We Turn Your Imagination Into Reality

Our award-winning directors and producers will collaborate to create a masterpiece tailored to your unique vision. From exquisite cinematic wedding invitations crafted by renowned artists to your own personalized feature film starring you and your loved ones, we put Your Life in Action.

Privacy is paramount in our work, allowing us to offer only a glimpse of select past productions.
Your film will be as unique as you are.

Young asian boy laying on couch with a large stuffed animal

A Christmas Movie 

Like No Other

     Kim, a visionary entrepreneur living in Asia, approached us at Upside Dawn looking for a unique Christmas gift for his family.

     We devised a truly one of a kind proposition for him– to create a fictional feature film that would serve as a testament to his family's journey. 

     Shot over a two week span during Summer, this 1 hour and 20 minute fiction feature film stars the whole family. It is now their very own holiday classic, allowing them to revisit these memories for generations to come.

Watch a scene

A young sailor and woman in a red dress embracing before a kiss in a garden

A Glamorous Wedding Invitation

Signed By An Acclaimed Artist

     A renown family of musicians and its esteemed opera director patriarch commissioned us to craft the most elegant and impressive cinematic invitation for the wedding of their daughter to a young naval officer.

     This piece of art was signed by one of our talented directors recently celebrated at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival.

Ariel shot of a young man on a basketball court in the desert

Basketball Hero

     When an acclaimed concert promoter approached us for his son's 14th birthday, we knew we had the opportunity to create something truly special.

     Commissioned to produce a music video starring the young man, we worked on tailoring it to his tastes and passions. Set to great music, this is a gift to enthusiastically share with friends and family.

Young woman in a red dress walking through a chateau

A Symphonic Family Portrait

     In addition to the wedding invitation, the family of musicians asked us to modernize the tradition of the prestigious family portrait.

     We captured the elegance and harmony of their musical dynasty in a cinematic masterpiece. Their daughter's upcoming marriage served as a thread to whimsically tie together multiple generations while welcoming the newest member to the family.

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